New Balance 574S Launch


The situation—

The 574 is a New Balance classic, but this venerable sneaker was more known for being a "dad shoe" than a streetwear staple. 

The challenge—

The design of the 574 Sport is fresh and modern, yet built on the classic vibe of the original. The NY launch needed to appeal to a new audience without betraying the sneaker's roots.

The solution—

In order to enter the streetwear scene, we took the launch to the streets, with a mobile coffee cart serving up cold brew coffee and two hot colorways.


The cart itself received a completely custom aesthetic to match the black, red, and white palette of the new 574S, including a retro graphic vibe and custom neon signage.

Inside the cart, sneakers in the two launch day colorways were displayed alongside matched-color Donut Plant donuts and Counterculture cold brew, served up by Joyride Coffee.


The coffee cart concept not only connected to an iconic NY experience but allowed for the activation to be mobile, hitting multiple neighborhoods over the course of the launch weekend.

In order for the concept to work, it needed to be executed down to the smallest element: from our own take on the iconic deli coffee cup to paper pastry bags, we sweat every detail.