Ocean Health Index


The situation—

An initiative of Conservation International, the Ocean Health Index project was begun as a framework to assess the global health of the world's bodies of water, measured against 10 human goals for living in coexistence with our oceans.

The challenge—

Design and develop a brand communication platform that presents the Index's data, research, and methodology in a way that serves the needs of policymakers and businesses, the media, and the general public.

The solution—

My team designed and architected a website that organizes the underlying principles of the Index into a set of Goals and their Components, reveals the current and past scores of every country's EEZ around the world, and provides talking points to lobby for improvements.

In order to display the maximum amount of content efficiently, the site was designed as a series of long-scrolling pages, content, and imagery flowing seamlessly together. The home page builds the case for the Index's methodology and guides viewers to discover their own country's score.

Shareable data visualizations illuminate each Goal and Component of the Index and help paint the picture of the complex factors at work in the assessment of the entire globe's oceans.


Visualizations and data stories bring to life the larger narratives inherent in the data. Comparative tools became critical for policymakers and lobbyists who needed a resource to help develop simple, direct messages.

As the foundational elements of the Index, the ten Goals represent our relationship with the oceans, and each is made up of a series of Components: these pages tell the story of the complex methodology of the Index.

UI Showcase Mockup Pack by Anthony Boyd Graphics